Technical Information on SIM Hosting

Virtual SIM Hosting and Physical SIM Hosting options

With SIM hosting you normally get the SIM card yourself from a mobile network or shop and then send it to your SIM hosting supplier. This can be a good opportunity for you to obtain a mobile number that is more memorable and therefore easier for your customers to remember. You will remain responsible for ensuring that the SIM's mobile subscription is active wether you get a prepay (pay-as-you-go) or postpay (contract) subscription.

Physical SIM Hosting

A SIM card can be physically hosted in a GSM modem in order for an application to receive SMS sent to the mobile number associated with the SIM card. The SIM can be located on the home mobile network of the SIM (i.e. in the same country and on the same network as the SIM comes from) or it can be roaming on another mobile network. In order to ensure the best coverage of mobile users being able to send to the SIM, the SIM should be located on the home network of the SIM.

With this service it's only possible to receive a low rate of SMS per minute (<20 SMS/min). Google Search: Physical SIM Hosting

Virtual SIM Hosting

A mobile subscription associated with a SIM can be virtually hosted by roaming the subscription onto a mobile network that has a VSIM server. The physical SIM is never put in a mobile device in order for the VSIM service to enable the receiving of SMS to the mobile number associated with the SIM that has its mobile subscription using the VSIM service.

With this service it's possible to receive a high rate of SMS per second (>20 SMS/sec).

Virtual SIM Hosting is available from:

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VirtualMobile - Broker

VirtualMobile makes is easy to obtain Virtual Mobile Numbers from mobile networks around the work. Use VMNs to enable your application to receive SMS and improve your customer engagement through their use.


We are a zero-commission and zero-fee broker who will match your request with a suitable supplier of VMNs.


You will normally receive a response from a supplier within 8 working hours.


You will use the service of the supplier from which the VMN is obtained to receive SMS sent to the VMN. Multiple APIs such as SMPP and HTTPS are normally available.