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Virtual Mobile Numbers

Virtual Mobile Numbers are used to enable applications to receive SMS online from mobiles. Just like a regular mobile phone number, SMS text messages can be sent by mobile users to a virtual mobile number, however the user is communicating with an application. This could be to confirm a parcel delivery, make a request for tickets, obtain information or talk with an AI chatbot that is capable of responding on specific subjects such as HR or customer service.

VMNs, also known as long codes, mobile phone numbers, mobile numbers or MSISDNs, can be used instead of short codes and are often cheaper to operate. On this site we have further information on the uses and capabilities of VMNs plus technical information on VMNs and in-depth information on SMPP and SS7.

Available Worldwide

VMNs can be obtained from many countries worldwide, supporting the majority of mobile networks and mobile users.

Enable Applications to Receive SMS

VMNs are different from regular mobile numbers in that they are used by an application to receive SMS rather than a mobile phone. This allows applications to communicate with mobile users in the same way a mobile user would communicate with another mobile user, except that an application can open up more possibilities beyond person-to-person communication.

APIs such as Short Message Peer-to-Peer (SMPP) and HTTP can be used by an application to receive SMS text messages sent to VMNs. The application can then extract the message text and process it in the context of the application's purpose. This would often trigger the application to send an SMS back to the user.

Initially it may have been that the mobile user was sent an SMS text message from the VMN and the user was requested to reply back to it. Although not necessary in order for the mobile user to send a message to the application at the VMN, it is often then case that an incoming message to a VMN is as a result of the mobile user having received an SMS from a VMN.

VMNs are normally dedicated to an application and not charged by other applications or other organisations. This means that it's not necessary to use a keyword in the message to differentiate applications using the VMN and that the VMN can simply be published in your marketing and documentation.

When customers, staff or other parties see a mobile number as the sender of an SMS text message they've received, the know that they can reply back to it. Using VMNs are the originator of an SMS text message allows this, whereas an alpha source address (e.g. "VirtMobile") doesn't allow replies from mobile users.


VMNs are available for many countries around the world and a reachable worldwide.

Local Number

VMNs can be a local number that mobile users can send SMS to at low cost.

Fast Delivery

Sending an SMS message to a VMN is exceptionally fast and they have high capacity.

Enabling Interaction

Interactive communication with mobile users improves customer engagement.

VirtualMobile - Broker

VirtualMobile makes is easy to obtain Virtual Mobile Numbers from mobile networks around the work. Use VMNs to enable your application to receive SMS and improve your customer engagement through their use.


We are a zero-commission and zero-fee broker who will match your request with a suitable supplier of VMNs.


You will normally receive a response from a supplier within 8 working hours.


You will use the service of the supplier from which the VMN is obtained to receive SMS sent to the VMN. Multiple APIs such as SMPP and HTTPS are normally available.